About us


A modern approach to Responsible Travel

Samsara Africa brings the destination to life through its people, their stories and crafts, as well as the landscape we find ourselves in. Uniquely African, our commitment is positive and considered travel, both with our energy-efficient philosophy and through contributions to our impact partners – community, conservation, and culture. All this whilst upholding the highest standard of service excellence.

Carbon neutral fleet

In addition, a large percentage of our vehicles are all-electric, and we are focused on transforming the fleet to be an entirely electric range. We have reduced our carbon footprint, limited waste, avoid single-use plastic, do not promote unethical animal interaction and practice ongoing training in sustainability.

Giving back with each trip

By choosing Samsara Africa, you are directly contributing to the company’s non-profit foundation Driven by Nature. A proudly active testament to our commitment to the future.

Our Mission

Supporting local experiences that matter

Samsara Africa endeavours to be the preferred choice in Cape Town concierge services, making availability a key component of our offering by providing specialised 24-hour assistance throughout the year. These include corporate guests requiring adaptable chauffeur services, those looking for private transport, conference and family groups, and anyone seeking a unique, personal tour in the greater Cape Town and Western Cape region. All this while leading by example in the Responsible Travel arena.

A modern approach to responsible travel

Our promise

An Ethical Approach

Samsara Africa prides itself on sustainable and ethical business practices and is deeply committed to supporting carefully selected environmental and community projects in the city as part of their contribution to an improved world.

On–hand Chauffeurs

Samsara Africa’s highly trained and professional chauffeurs can be booked exclusively for the duration of your stay, matching your requirements and interests, be it for a few hours, a full day or overnight trips.

Personal Concierge

Discreet, serene and intrinsically luxurious, whether it’s business or leisure, Samsara Africa’s Chauffeurs are guided by the client, their pace and areas of interest. Perfect for return visitors and discerning travellers who know exactly what they want.

Unique Offering

Our team has been trained to cater to each client with exacting personal care and is on hand to coordinate travel itineraries, restaurant bookings, ticket reservations and anything else required to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience.

What we offer

Striving to achieve an intimate understanding of your personal preferences, we undertake to match our extensive experience and logistics expertise to your specific travel needs.

Private Chauffeur

Our highly professional VIP Cape Town chauffeurs are your personal concierges whilst in Cape Town. Fully certified professionals, they are on hand to take you wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go there, and are exclusively at your service for the duration of your trip.

Meet & Greet

Dedicated to ensuring the meticulous treatment of our clients and a flawless arrival at your destination, Samsara Africa offers a dedicated Meet & Greet service at the airport to ease the process. This service can be offered on departure too and be matched to any pickup point.

24/7 Concierge

Samsara Africa makes availability a key component of our offering, providing specialised 24-hour concierge assistance. This includes chauffeur services, co-ordinating private tours and transfers, and support with restaurant bookings, ticket reservations and anything else required to ensure an exclusive, seamless and satisfying experience.

Security Detail

Discreet, serene and intrinsically luxurious, whether it’s business or leisure, we understand that occasionally an added level of care is required during their stay, such as a Security Detail to accompany you on your tours and transfers. This can be arranged on your behalf and with full discretion.